Erica has been a godsend for us.  She tackled four kids’ bedrooms from ages 4-16 and that is a huge task.  Their rooms are immaculate – totally clean and organized, and she has given us great tips on how to keep them that way.  She is courteous, hardworking, and handles things quickly and efficiently.  I have already started to recommend her to all of my friends and family.  If you are looking for someone who is non-judgmental, who offers great advice, and whose organizing skills are second-to-none, look no further.  She is a true expert!

Erica is great! She is helping me organize my house. She is not afraid to tackle the most daunting task and has a tremendous amount of energy. I am very pleased with the work she has done for me and am sure she will devote the time and energy and high work standards to any position she for which she is hired.

Nancy F.

Erica has a very positive demeanor, she is creative and very solutions-based when it comes to planning.  She is punctual, professional and humble.  All closets were organized as well as kitchen cabinets.  I would highly recommend Erica and be more than happy to work with her again.

Lisa S.

The Closet Saver.  Erica showed up early and dived right into things.  I had two bedroom closets and a coat closet that had turned into a disaster zone.  She reorganized things and put them in places that made sense.  She also worked very well without having to ask me a ton of questions while I was away.  I was very pleased with how the closets came together when I returned home.  I’d highly recommend her and would hire her again.

Miranda T.
Todd L.
0d ago

Erica has been extremely helpful to us. We have a five bedroom home which had become disorganized and cluttered. Erica was able to quickly and effectively sort out what should be kept, donated or thrown away. It is like we have a brand new home. We are very satisfied with what she has accomplished and would recommend her without hesitation.

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